Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Music: Get Downloading!

Clearly, I have not been very good at maintaining a blog since starting graduate school, but I recently discovered (and rediscovered) a couple bands that I really need to share with you. Most of these finds have been through NoiseTrade, which has been my primary source of new music discoveries in the last few years.

1. Jordan Ruiz

If you are remotely interested in bands like Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, or Josh Garrels, then you should DEFINITELY check out Jordan Ruiz. His music is beautiful, smooth, and calming without being boring - which in my opinion, is difficult to achieve. His new album, The Mountain, is a wonderful soundtrack to life: road trips, studying, reading a book, or just relaxing with friends. I highly encourage you download it today.

Be sure to check out his first album, Sundial Heart, which is available for free download as well!

2. Nickel Creek
(band website)

Sadly, this album is not free, but that's probably because it's selling like hotcakes without any extra publicity. Nickel Creek is an amazing Grammy-winning folk band that took a seven-year hiatus and finally came back into the scene in April. Their newest album, A Dotted Line, is upbeat, whimsical, and ironic all at once. Check out two of my favorite songs on this album below. And, go buy A Dotted Line!

3. Twin Forks
Remember Dashboard Confessional? 
Of course you do. 

Well, the former lead singer of Dashboard Confessional has started a new band called Twin Forks. It has a folky, newgrass flare which is intertwined with a voice that will flood you with memories of breakups and power ballads (or maybe that's just me...). It took me a few listens to get used to, but I like it now, and I think it makes great summer driving music. Go ahead, download! It's free, what do you have to lose?

I hope you enjoy my music suggestions! Until next time, blogosphere.


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