Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cambiar O No Cambiar

I am ready for a change.

I have been feeling it so strongly lately, and it doesn't make a lot of sense. The past few months have been full of change: Toby got a new job, we moved, and I started school again. Yet somehow I still feel the need for change. 

I'm pretty sure this feeling is actually caused by me returning to school...mostly because I really like it. I know two years ago I stated very adamantly that I would NEVER go to graduate school, which was preceded by at least a year of intense desire to go directly to a PhD program. Clearly, education is a passionate subject for me, and now I think I feel ready to be a full-time student (and part-time worker) again. I've been in contact with a couple professors in the department, and all I need to do now is pass the dinky little GRE test before I can apply (italics=sarcasm). Does anyone have some advice on how to study well for the GRE? Is there any way I can just blink my eyes 10 times and automatically pass with flying colors (by the way, where did that saying originate?)? Sigh.

There's something I've learned about myself since being an adult, that is, I really like to work by myself. I guess that was true in college too, but it wasn't such an issue because most of my work was supposed to be done independently. In my job, I work by myself for the most part, but then I have to wait for other people to make decisions. It's that silly thing called an organization. I know there are many great qualities about an organization that you don't have when working for yourself, but it can also be a pain. Toby correctly identified me as a "scientist," and I didn't really understand what he meant until recently. I don't particularly like laboratories, but if I could just sit in one all day wearing a lab coat and doing "science" (or evaluation in my case), I would be quite happy. I don't like waiting. I don't like inefficiencies. And it's irritating when everyone is on a different page. I'm always on MY same page. :) Don't get me wrong, I still really like my job and the organization. I just think someday I would really enjoy working for myself. 

I guess that's all for now. I'm off to do some homework and read an exciting article on Culturally Competent Evaluation. Good night!


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Another thing I love about YouTube is mashups. If you have even the smallest interest in Top 40 music, dance parties, or mindless entertainment, then you have to at least appreciate them a little. Most of the mashups I've heard on YouTube aren't anything special, but a few are definitely worth hearing.

I'd suggest just listening to the video, not watching it, because it's pretty spastic (and oftentimes raunchy). These are a few of my favorites.

*Mix of the top 25 songs of 2009*

*Mix of 15 songs*

(I probably just like this one because I'm such a big fan of Owl City...)

Just a little pick-me-up for your Thursday afternoon. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Great Burst of Wisdom

Happy Labor Day weekend, blogesphere!

I write to you from my new (mostly moved-in) place in the city. In the last two weeks, I have learned a lot of new things, which of course I'm going to share with you here.

When you put your TV in the basement, your amount of time spent watching it decreases dramatically. I know we've been busy unpacking and setting up house, but I can't even believe how little TV I've watched recently. Let's be honest, in the previous two years, I made up for the previous 10 (you know, those years when I was Miss Involved in soccer, dance, theater, youth group, clubs, etc.) in TV watching. I can justify it all I want ("being a working adult is exhausting"), but it's the truth. My point is that now that our main TV room is in the basement, it has become much more of an ordeal. Any time I need to refill a drink, go to the bathroom, eat a snack, or actually get phone service, I have to walk back upstairs. Now you are probably thinking that I am incredibly lazy. Well, I won't fight it, you are right.

My other point is this: if you are trying to cut something out of your life, put it in the farthest away space possible. Like if you are trying to lose weight, keep all the junk food in your garage. Or if you are trying to spend less time online, keep your computer in the...gosh I don't know, attic? I guess there aren't many other inconvenient places in a house. However, the opposite of this is true as well. When your laundry room is three flights of stairs away, doing laundry becomes a huge chore. We DREADED doing laundry and so we only did it about once every three weeks (a little embarrassing to admit), and at that time we would have at least four loads to wash. But now, we have a washer and dryer in our basement, and I am proud to say I can now wash one load at a time every few days! Therefore, if you want to add something to your life, put it in the most convenient place possible. Boom. Thus ends my great burst of wisdom.

You're welcome.

Let's see, what else do I have to tell you? Oh! Commuting to work is THE WORST! If you have the ability to move closer to your workplace, do it. Do it right now. In our previous apartment, I had a 30-40 minute commute to work and a 50-70 minute commute home. Now, I have a 10 minute commute both ways. TEN minutes! That is an extra hour and a half each day that I didn't have before. Things you can do in an hour and a half: watch an entire movie, drive to the grocery store/shop/drive home, attend a short wedding reception, exercise/shower/eat all the calories you just burned, sit on Facebook, have your cake and eat it too - you get the idea. Have I convinced you yet? Basically, everyone should just move to the city so we can all be neighbors and hang out all the time. :)

Okay, that's it for now. Once we buy a little more furniture, I will take some pictures of our new place and post them for your enjoyment. I leave you with the new Mumford and Sons single. Adios.